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Dear Sir or Madame, We are a leading company in the field of financial intermediation between Investors from the United States and interested parties in Germany , Austria and Switzerland. We also provide for interesting projects Private investors for funding and have in the past 20 years several large and important objects realized. Our company is in private hands and works exclusively on the market Principles. We make successful transactions between investors, banks , Companies from the business community and individuals. We put the investment focus on commercial real estate projects in Documents as well as the infrastructure , transport and logistics industry , but are also open to your requests for projects from other areas. since are also potential members from other , different sectors addressed Economic situation in terms of our investors are Basically Interested in a Loan or possibly to a silent partnership . To get to know their project in anticipation we look forward to speedy feedback and remain. Thanks You Best Regards Ethan Benesh Arcadian Management Consultancy Ltd 77, Upper High Street, Epsom Surrey, KT17 4RA United Kingdom Contact : Phone: +44 203 39 789 38 Email:, Company No.: 06572738 Jurisdiction : United Kingdom 16 Downs Way, Epsom, Surry, KT18 5LU, UK

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