An investment project in Poland to convert gas cars into electric cars!

  • Дата публикации:

    06 марта 2018 00:24

  • Автор:

    Григорий Агаджанов

  • Тип проекта:

    Создание нового предприятия, старт-ап

  • Общая стоимость проекта:

    6 000 000 USD

  • Отрасли:

    Техническое обслуживание и ремонт легковых автомобилей; Техническое обслуживание и ремонт прочего автотранспорта; Розничная продажа деталей и принадлежностей для автомобилей

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Сведения об инвестициях

  • Требуемый объём инвестиций:

    6 000 000 USD

  • Тип инвестиций:


Финансовая эффективность

  • Ожидаемый срок окупаемости проекта:

    2-5 лет

  • Внутренняя норма доходности (IRR):

    0% годовых

  • Чистая приведенная стоимость (NPV):

    0 RUB при ставке дисконтирования 0% годовых

Описание проекта

1. Converting gas cars to electric – it is a concept of a network of specialized mechanical plants able to convert gas-powered vehicles — in this concept, we focus on a technology franchise based on approved and tested methods which would allow to us to process vehicles (mostly older than 8-10 years). Both diesel and gas cars can be converted. We focus on city vehicles within an affordable price range. The automotive industry is in a state of rapid growth, including all related businesses like paint and body shops, tire industry, auto repair, totaling, and used parts sales.

The prospective income from the project will be generated by dismantling engines and gearboxes and other redundant components which are later scrapped, salvaging used parts and reselling them, and converting vehicles. The estimated cost of converting a vehicle is around $2.5k — $3k (USD). Further business opportunities include servicing and repairs in our authorized stations. IT system used for the project may be modeled after the Polish mobile application – Janosik. There are also opportunities for cooperation in this field.

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2. IT Infrastructure for vehicle management – we are able to design a proprietary IT system for conducting and managing repairs and inspections. The system would allow for an integration with the infrastructure of auto repair shops. It would also allow to access individual parts, vehicle registration book, the energy management data, battery charge level, range, and travel-planning facilities. The prospective income sources include big data (routes, commuting and shopping habits). The system could be used for advertising and targeting specific groups of customers.

3. Replaceable batteries – an advanced charging and battery-replacement system. Instead of charing the batteries, drivers can replace them in our service centers. The process takes the same amount of time as conventional refueling on gas stations. It is possible to design a unified battery system in cooperation with Bosh and Siemens and create a global battery system for electric vehicles.

Business opportunities and sources of income:

A) one-off payments and subscription plans for battery replacement

B) advertising space on charging stations and batter-replacement service centers

C) Service stations can be located anywhere, including parking lots at shopping malls, city centers, stores. The service stations pose no ecological concerns and are safe for the environment. Cities may be interested in funding service and charging stations due to ecological and social benefits. The costs could then be spread locally and supported by local governments. The fully

functional and profitable model includes the efficient use of energy, the ecological benefits, and the promotion of mobile electricity.

The Costs of Implementation:

1. Conversion of vehicles – creating a template service station, creating certified (EU) tools, technical documentation and certifications (EU), additional inspections and tests for specific designs and solutions (Citroen, Peugeot, Fiat, etc.)

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$15 million (USD) – It is possible to obtain 80% of combined costs from the EU funding.

2. IT Infrastructure for vehicles and batteries – creating an algorithm and software, including applications and terminals.

$1 — $1.5 million (USD) – It is possible to obtain 70% of combined costs from the EU funding.

3. A system of replaceable batteries – creating a technology of battery systems, battery containers, and charging stations.

$14 million (USD) – It is possible to obtain 80% of combined costs from the EU funding.

All elements of the project will copyrighted, certified, and patented internationally.

Additional information on request!

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